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 “Greening” our community locally, nationally, and overseas is a major part of caring for the environment.  Plants absorb carbon dioxide, provide a habitat for local wildlife, and help to cool our cities. 
Tree planting: Long before planting trees became fashionable, Keilor East RC has been caring for the local environment.  In October 1984 shortly after our club was established, we were planting trees in the Canning St Reserve.  Over the years we have partnered strongly with the Moonee Valley Council.
In July 2022 during National Tree Planting Day our club and the council planted trees and shrubs along  the Wildlife Corridor by the Maribyrnong River. A repeat is scheduled for 2023.
Caring for our Waterways: Protecting and improving our waterways builds a healthy environment.  We are committed to help improve the waterway of our local Maribyrnong River and its catchment.
The Maribyrnong River needs a voice: A “Riverkeeper” is voice for the conservation and protection of a river.   They speak for the river; they work with the groups who care for it; and they become the central voice for every river-lover when dealing with authorities.
Currently, the Yarra Riverkeeper also advocates for the Maribyrnong River and the enthusiastic Dr Nicole Kowalczyk is the Maribyrnong Officer   As a Rotary Club we’re proud to advocate for a Maribyrnong Riverkeeper.
Dealing with surplus goods is one of our major areas of activity.
Rotary Emergency Relief Networks provide repurposed household goods for disadvantaged families.  Solely run by volunteers, the program supports needy citizens who are recommended by Welfare Agencies. Our club helps  with emergency relief and assistance.
We provide the disadvantaged with free repurposed medical equipment required in the home and for mobility.  Australia has a great medical support system, but unfortunately some people fall through the cracks and can’t afford to buy the medical equipment they require in the home and for mobility.  The goods are supplied for free to medical specialists who select what their client needs.  Last year 158 patients received 241 items. Read more link to local
We recognise that many people share similar environmental goals and we welcome sharing ideas on how we could work together.  If you have an idea please contact us, its possible that a partnership with Rotary could be the best way for you to achieve your environmental goals.
Register for our Environmental Newsletters. If you care for the environment register for the three newsletters Rotary produces that cover world, regional, and local environmental sustainability news, from qualified experts in this field.   To register CLICK HERE???.


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